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Pick up & Drop off at your home

Each adventure depends on your dog’s age and fitness level. Outings vary between the North Shores many off-leash and dog walker friendly parks, beaches, and mountains.

We LOVE clean dogs!

We wouldn’t have our own dogs run around the house covered in mud and we wont do that to you either. All muddy paws are cleaned at drop off….you’ll never even know about the messy adventures your pup got into!

Group Walks

Fun off leash group walks that allow your dog to get some fresh air and exercise while in an intimate social setting, with up to 6 dogs per walk or hike.

Does your dog need to be on a leash? We can easily accommodate this preference!

Private Walks

If your dog needs a little extra attention or is new to dog walking this is a great option.

Senior Walks

Just because your pup is slowing down doesn’t mean their walks should! We offer senior friendly flat walks suited to ensuring your aging friend still gets plenty of exercise while maintaining joint and back health.


While you’re away from your home, your pet can enjoy a stay at ours!
You supply the food and favorite toys and we supply the fun.
Your dog will be a part of our daily walks and outings.

Birthday Parties

We’re not joking… We love birthdays!
Urban dog celebrates birthdays with liver brownie cake. Mmmmm!


Group Walks – 1 hour adventures

$35.50  per walk – with regular bookings
$37.50  per walk – with irregular bookings (days change weekly) 
$42.00  per walk – casual services 
$67.00  full day of fun (includes 2 walks)

Private Walks & Senior strolls 

$40 – 1/2 hour private walk

Puppy Breaks

$30 – 15 mins of puppy fun

(in house play, yard fun and/or walk around neighbourhood)


Overnight stay(regular dog walking clients)  $90 (1 dog) $160 (2 dogs)

Overnight stay(non dog walking clients)      $100 (1 dog) $170 (2 dogs)

Overnight stay in your home for pet care   $120 (1 dog) $175 (2 dogs)

– sleepovers include 1 hour walk each day

– pickup & drop off NOT included in price (rate depends on location)

  • Park Permit Fee will be charged yearly for all dog walking clients  
  • All prices subject to change without notice
  • All prices subject to GST and/or PST
  • Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice or full charges apply