Why hire a dog walker?

A – With Urban Dog your beloved dog is getting both physical exercise & mental stimulation. You will know your dog was out having fun with all his/her pals. You will come home to a happier, healthier pet and improved behaviour at home. No more guilt!

How do I get started?

A – Call or email us anytime and we would love to come meet you and your dog at your convenience.

How does Urban Dog get access to my home?

A – You can provide us with a copy of your key or you may choose to leave a copy of your key in a secret predetermined location for us to access.

What does Urban Dog do in case of an emergency?

A – If this is a medical emergency we would use our first aid training to help your dog while trying to contact you or your emergency contact listed on your information sheet, which is filled out upon consultation. If all else fails & your dog needs veterinary help we head straight to your listed vet or if necessary closest vet to our location.

Does Urban Dog do training?

A – We do our absolute best to reinforce any training techniques that you use at home while your dog is in our care. We believe constant and positive reinforcement makes for both a happy dog and happy owner.

What if my dog does not like other dogs or needs to be on leash?

A – If your dog does not like other dogs, a private walk may be best suited for him/her. We can discuss any behaviour issues at consultation. If your dog needs to be on leash – no problem.

Where does Urban Dog do their walking?

A – On our group walks we take up to 6 off leash dogs to all walks, hikes, rivers and beach trails permitted. North & West Vancouver has a list of designated areas for all commercial dog walkers.

Does Urban Dog have references?

A – Absolutely! Just ask and we will gladly give you a list of clients, names and numbers.